Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Mr. Andy Rednour, Assistant Principal


Mr. Rednour began his education career right after college with a Business Administration degree as a math teacher at Tavares Middle School in 2004.  Since that time, he excelled as an algebra teacher at Oak Park Middle School paving his way to being a content coach and instructional dean.  After a short stint at Umatilla Middle, he was named assistant principal to Beverly Shores Elementary in 2016.  Mr. Rednour then found his way back to Oak Park Middle School as an assistant principal and is proud of the work they accomplished.

Work now, play later!  These are words Mr. Rednour lives by in life and his outlook on education.  He believes that if you put the time in now to foster a solid foundation in your learning, the potential is limitless.  He also believes you will have opportunities in life to promote the “play later” philosophy.

Mr. Rednour is very excited to join the Eustis Middle School Mustang family, build positive relationships, and have a positive impact on the Eustis community.